The new Ambassador to Spain Smile of the Week

13 Apr

The new ambassador of the Philippines to Spain Carlos C. Salinas smiles during the unveiling of the plaque of Jose Rizal at Castillo de Montjuic  last April 8, 2011. Photo by AC Molera.

As a response to the clamor of Filipinos in Barcelona i.e. the Philippine  Consulate General (Philippine government’s official representatives to Barcelona, Spain) and various Filipino organizations spearheaded by KALIPI (Kapulungan ng mga Lider Pinoy sa Barcelona) , the city government of Barcelona granted a plaque which commemorates Rizal’s brief imprisonment in the Castillo de Montjuic, an old military fortress.  Rizal arrived in Barcelona, Spain on October 3, 1896. Before he attempted to go to  Cuba, he was imprisoned for a few hours in this castle,  and upon the orders of military governor Eulogio Despujol, he was sent back to Manila and eventually got executed. Catalan heroes like Lluis Companys and Francesc Ferrer Guardia were also imprisoned here. Nathaniel Sisma Villaluna and Daniel Infante Tuaño

Read related news in Spanish by El Héroe Nacional de Filipinas José Rizal tiene una sala dedicada en el castillo de Montjuïc, en Barcelona (España)

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