Carrer del Doctor Rizal

10 Apr

History is replete with men of sterling quality whose greatness transcends them.They leave behind not just their masterpieces, works, compositions, creations, words and quotes immortalized by history, anecdotes of feats, but they also leave behind their names as well.  However, there is no greatness that surpasses the virtue of giving up one’s life for the sake of others not just for the present but for those to come.

In recognition of these heroic accomplishments, government of later generations name streets, towns, metropolises, provinces and states.  One of these great men is our very own national hero Dr. José Rizal.  Back at home, there are a slew of places, passages, monuments that edify the genius in him.  The sight of his name wells up our being sometimes literally welling up for extreme nationalists.

However, the physical world is also a springboard of surprises that at times makes us incredulous.  There are monuments of Jose Rizal in other countries in Europe.  However, there is something bigger-than-life that awaits an unsuspecting Filipino in Barcelona.  There is even a street named after him in the City of Country virtually unknown to the average Juan de la Cruz.

To top it all, Barcelona is in Spain, his bête noire in those times, on which he unleashed his ire, frustrations, disappointments and all pent-up emotions.  The state that once considered him as ‘’pain in the rear’’ conferred upon the supreme honor of naming a street after him.

To those who are unaware of it, the Calle Doctor Rizal is located in the district of Gràcia which is by the way famous for its artsy shops and bars and for the summer week-long celebration of its Festa Mejor. It can be reached by 3 routes: Avinguda Diagonal, Via Augusta or Gran de Gràcia. Aodh Matthew Visitación Patrimonio

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