13 Apr

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority offers a free course to prepare them for domestic work abroad.  Photo:

An article published in a Spanish daily La Razon featured a course offered by the Philippine government to prepare competent and qualified workers for overseas job.

In the course called ‘ Supermaid’, participants are taught how to use a vacuum cleaner, fix a bed and fry eggs with a precise amount of cooking oil, among others. A workshop is also organized to teach the students on how to deal with solitude, employ first-aid, cope with stress and practice relaxation techniques.

A year ago, an article written by Hong Kong columnist Chip Tsao sparked uproar from Filipino politicians, migrant workers and Filipinos around the world.

Chip called the Philippines “a nation of servants”.

You may read the full article written by Ángel Villarino in Spanish: Filipinas entrena a \’superchachas\’ para enviarlas al extranjero

Researched by Neil dela Cruz

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