The young and the restless and the brave and the resilient and the optimistic migrants

31 Oct

“…No matter how difficult the ride will be, I will hang on because this ride is not just for me, but also for my dearest family back home, my most precious treasure! There’s a bright future here in Spain, as long as I will not allow myself to be a slave for the rest of my life…”

This was lifted from one of the articles written in the latest issue of Ang Bagong Filipino, an issue dedicated to all young migrants especially those from the Philippines. 

Indeed, they are not only working machines, and they are more than mere milking cows. Hardworking is just one of their star attributes. They can offer more than the remittance they send every end of the month.

They have dreams. They have dreams for themselves and for their families. The same dreams which have driven them to seek greener pastures abroad. The same dreams which have driven the privileged others, the youth from countries which have more freedom to travel, live and work whereever and whenever they want. Young Filipinos, as the citizens of the world, also want to experience the same–live abroad, know other culture, expand their horizons. But getting the same privileges is not easy.

Despite their day-to-day struggle, they never lose hope, in fact they are very optimistic about the future. They are resilient and they know that things will change if they really want them to happen. 

You may download Ang Bagong Filipino issue no. 8 by clicking this link: Ang Bagong Filipino 8

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