The Loboc Children’s Choir in Barcelona!

29 Oct

The last time I wrote about them was six years ago. The article was about Filipinos and Filipinas who have given their fellow countrymen more reasons to smile.

The last time they were in Barcelona was in 2003, eight years ago, when they won two major awards at the Europe and its Songs 6th International Folksong Choir Festival.

They garnered 97.5 points, the overall highest mark in all categories (beating also the adult choirs), which earned them the First Prize in the Children’s Category and the Europe and its Songs 2003 Cup being the Festival’s overall champion.

Next week, the Loboc Children’s Choir is back in Barcelona. You can listen to their angelic voices at La Sagrada Familia and Catedral de Barcelona on Thursday, November 3, and at Iglesia de San Agustin on Friday, November 4. 

These are the only dates you can watch them here unless you fly 7000 miles from Barcelona, all the way to the island of the famous Chocolate Hills and the smallest monkey in the world–Bohol, Philippines. DIT

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