Crisis-hit Greece is like a Filipina

25 Jul

Greek composer Miki Theodorakis. Photo by

Filipinos in Greece, for nearly a month, are complaining a renowned Greek politician’s remarks likening the European country’s debt woes to the Filipino domestic worker.

The statement of famous Greek composer Miki Theodorakis on June 27 that Greece had become the “Filipina” of a troika of financial institutions brings back memories of how the word “Filipineza” created an uproar over the word’s inclusion in a Greek dictionary 13 years ago.

Filipina-Greek Margie Doyle Papadopoulou finds Theodorakis’ statement “thoughtless, hurtful and racist.”

Papadopoulou was referring to Theodorakis’ statement that Greece is the “Fiipina” of a troika of financial institutions and the International Monetary Fund, given Greece’s ongoing economic woes and debt repayment issues.

A newspaper report by Greek journalist Stelios Barmiatzis wrote Theodorakis said the words at a gathering of the movement “Spark” in Naoussa (a fishing village on the Greek island of Paros, an island in the Central Aegean Sea).

Theodorakis was calling on citizens to join protest marches at Syntagma Square, as well as criticized Greek Vice President Theodoros Pangalos.

“At the same time, (Theodoraris) noted that PASOK and ND are in favor of a memorandum with the troika (μνημονίου in Greek), and he berated (Greek President George) Papandereou’s government for ‘national humiliation’ and emphasized how they have reduced Greece to ‘Filipina’ of the troika and of the IMF,” Barmiatzis wrote in his report.

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Thank you very much to KASAPI Hellas for sharing the information.

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