ePassport now in Barcelona and Andorra

18 Dec

The Philippine Consulate in Barcelona has shifted to the Electronic Passport (ePassport) system.

The ePassport has an integrated circuit chip which contains the passport holder’s data, biometrics, unique ID number and digital signature for faster and safer verification during immigration and security checks at international airports and borders.

There is no more need for passport applicants to bring passport photos. The system will take the applicant’s photo for free.

Processing time is 4-6 weeks as all passports are processed in a centralized facility in the Philippines.

The fee for the new ePassport is 60 euros.

Dowload the application form and list of requirements

IN OBSERVANCE of the Christmas season, the Consulate will be closed on the following dates:

1. December 24 – Friday

2.  December 30 – Thursday (Rizal Day, a Philippine national holiday)

3. December 31 – Friday

4. January 6, 2011 – Thursday

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