Not so comforting

1 Nov

“There was no rest, they have sex with me every minute.  That’s why we’re very tired.  They would allow you to rest only when all of them had already finished.  Due to my tender age, it was a painful experience for me.  Sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the evening – not only 20 times,” Lola Rosa said.

To date, the Filipina comfort women who followed Lola Rosa’s example number 169 in all, just a minute portion of the 80,000 to 200,000 Asian comfort women who suffered systematic rape, torture, imprisonment ad death at the hands of the Japanese Army during World War II.

Calling her “maestra” or great mentor, the rest of the surviving comfort women vowed to continue what Lola Rosa started.  During the news conference held two days after Lola Rosa’s death, fellow “comfort woman” 70-year-old Pidencia David told reporters that Rosa will always be remembered as the personification of what the comfort women are today:  fighting until death.

“Sana naman ay ibigay na nila ang aming ipinaglalaban hanggang hindi pa kami nauubos [I hope they grant what we are fighting for before we all die],” David saidLifted from Dennis Gorecho’s Remembering Lola Henson published in TODAY newspaper

Sadly, the Philippine Supreme Court has recently denied again the Filipino comfort women’s petition to compel the Executive Branch to take up the cudgels against the Japanese government.

This controversial decision has not broken their spirits. There is an online petition which urgently gathers signatures and support for our Lolas’ quest for justice in time for President Noynoy Aquino’s scheduled visit to Japan on November 14, 2010.

You may check the complete petition and show your support by clicking this link or you may also check it on facebook:

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