New KALIPI leaders inducted

20 Oct

by Aodh Matthew Visitación Patrimonio

Induction of new KALIPI leaders presided by Ms. Gaëlle Laloy, Casa Asia’s person in charge for Asian communities in Spain. Photo by Thezz Saulog

The Kapulungan ng mga Lider Pinoy sa Barcelona (KALIPI), the umbrella organization of different socio-civic and religious organizations within the Filipino community in Barcelona held its induction for the set of newly elected officers for biennial term 2010 – 2012 on the 15th of October 2010 in Barcelona.

Headed by the President-elect Fr. Avelino Sapida, they were inducted into office by Ms Gaëlle Patin Laloy, Responsable de la Comunidad Asiática en Barcelona, Casa Asia.  The induction ceremony also featured a symbolic turn over of candle, key, logo and journal.

In his inaugural address, Fr. Avel delineated the two-fold nature of KALIPI, stemming from the nature of the organizations that comprise it.  It is basically a religious and socio-civic entity, the essence of which can be summed up in ‘having faith in God and being good, law-abiding citizens who put God above all and lending importance to faith and morals.  He exhorted all leaders present to be always in contact with all the members in representing the organizations because the strength of KALIPI emanates from the strength of the individual organizations.

He also underscored the nature of the representations of organization.  It is not a matter of the person present in the meetings but the organization that they represent.  If the organizational head does not forge a good relationship with its constituents, this would mean a failure in the leadership and the subsequent representation.

He also lauded the outgoing president, Pastor Diosdado Sabado of the Word International Ministry for his efforts and personal sacrifices just to carry out his obligations to KALIPI and he hoped to be able to direct the organization with such avidity citing that a good leader is a good servant as well.

The others inducted to office were:  Nico Cueto (Vice President), Paulita Marina Astillero (Secretary), Jennifer Masilang Adarlo (Treasurer), Pastor Diosdado Sabado (Auditor), Millet Chipongian (Cultural Committee Head), Macrina Alcedo (Political Committee Head), Manrico García (Social Committee Head) and Bishop Felicísimo Corder (Spiritual Committee Head).

Leaders of different Filipino associations in Barcelona which make up KALIPI together with (L-R) Consul General Eduardo José de Vega, Ms. Gaëlle Laloy and Fr. Avelino Sapida, new  KALIPI President.

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