We had the worst of both worlds?

7 Oct

“Most ex-presidents and former prime ministers devote their lives to making a positive difference in the world, or at least fade away into obscurity. Here are former leaders who have done neither.”

Philippines:  Ex-President Joseph Estrada

Action-movie-star-turned-president Joseph Estrada was ousted in 2001 after serving less than half his term amid a flurry of corruption charges. Estrada has also admitted to having numerous children out of wedlock and reportedly made crucial policy decisions with the help of a “midnight cabinet” of old drinking buddies.

Spain:  Ex-Prime Minister José María Aznar

Aznar has suggested that Muslims apologize for the medieval occupation of Spain, called efforts at interfaith dialogue stupid, and called the U.S. election of an African-American president “a historic exoticism and predictable economic disaster.”

Keep reading Joshua E. Keating\’s Bad Exes on Foreign Policy

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