Kabayan, what makes you happy?

12 Sep


“…is everything. When we go out with the children, the family, our grandchildren, that’s happiness.” – ARGENTINA

“…is a word… in German we say ‘Glücklich’, it comes from ‘glück’ , (which means) luck. In French it’s not linked to luck…” – FRANCE/ GERMANY

“I am happy, but not completely. Because I have passed 26 and I still have no love. I don’t know why. …why don’t girls want me? Why doesn’t love continue?” – BANGLADESH

“I like to give… because I feel that if I can make people happy, I am happy.” – ASIAN living in SWITZERLAND

“…like a butterfly which you try to catch. When you stop looking for it, it settles on your shoulder. Happiness comes when you don’t expect it.” – CUBA

What exactly is HAPPINESS? This beautiful and inspiring project tried to get as many different definitions of happiness from many different people from all over the world, each one resounding a bit of everything each person feels and goes through regardless of race, age, gender, nationality, status. Does this mean we are all infinitely capable of understanding one another? And therefore capable of being truly happy?

Eh, ikaw Kabayan, what makes YOU happy?

This is “6 Billion Others,” a video project created by French director Yann Arthus-Bertrand as part of the Good Earth project. More than 40 different questions were asked by 6 directors to 5,000 “others” to help us discover what separates us and what unites us. For more information, or if you want to share why you are happy :), go to  http://www.6billionothers.org .  Kay S. Abaño

One Response to “Kabayan, what makes you happy?”

  1. teendgoange December 4, 2010 at 7:11 pm #

    Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

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