Filipinos on Facebook!

7 Jul

by Kay S. Abaño

Filipinos are as tech-savvy as anyone else in the Western world today. We’ve long been making use of the internet- for education, for expression, and for connection. One of the first websites massively used by Filipinos was Friendster, an online tool for social networking. But now, as we go with the flow of current social trends, many Filipinos have moved on to Facebook- currently the biggest and most popular among social networking sites.

Nowadays, online networking is not only about friendship. With the many different possibilities this new platform provides its users, communities such as the Filipinos’ may now use it to connect, provide information, and most importantly, give support to those who are on the same precarious boat of migration.

One example of such a “Page” on Facebook is FILIPINOS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION.

With around 50,000 citizens in 2008, the Filipinos may form the second largest East Asian community in Spain behind the Chinese. Most of the Filipinos moved to the old metropolis during the 1960s and 1970s seeking jobs, which in many cases were related to housekeeping, healthcare or industrial activities. There’s also a significant group of Spaniards of Filipino origins (some of whom are from 3rd and 4th generations) estimated in at least  250,000 people.

Ang Bagong Filipino already has a group on Facebook.  Join us!

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