Ñam, ñam

20 May

One good thing about living in Barcelona (I hope some locals would at least recognize it) is that you get to meet people from different corners of the world, discover that you share something in common with them despite religious, political, social and ethnic differences, and most importantly get a taste of their cuisine for free. That’s why we are thankful to Ms. Anne Oronos ‘la alcaldesa’, and Ms. Bella Lamsen who invited us to partake in Jornada Gastronomica (Food Fest) organized by the Ajuntament de Sant Feliu de Codines.

First free foodie: pastries from Rumania. The cakes were so good that I forgot their name.

Typical Pakistani bread, Naan and Gulab jamun, their version of yema

Pastries from Uruguay

Causa rellena from Peru, a pie made of mashed potato filled with tuna. They also served maiz and white cheese on stick.

I thought the Italians would prepare pizza, pasta or gelato but they opted for something minimalist: a pizza crust with Nutella on top. Kids loved it.

Puto and the Philippine Flag. The kids also tried our ‘pastel de arroz’. I still don’t agree with the Spanish translation of puto. Pastel means cake and arroz means rice. So how do  you call in Spanish our bibingka? biko? sapin-sapin? suman? They are all made of arroz and they can also be pastel. Anyway, puto though tastes good, its literal translation in Spanish doesn’t sound so well.

Everyone was looking for our lumpiang shanghai.

Empanadas and Alfajores from Chile, not Argentina.

Limes waiting to be Caipirinha, a typical Brasilian cocktail

Our Brasileiro friends ready for the Caipirinha challenge

We also had Catalonia’s spinach with raisins and pine nuts but we weren’t able to try the red wine inside the porró, which is a typical Catalan wine bottle.

Our friends from Switzerland starting to prepare, what else, cheese fondue

(L-R) Ms. Monina Lumapas, our very own Dr. Aodh Matthew, Ms. Nida, Ms. Anne and buko salad in plastic cups.

One more time. Ms. Monina, Me, Ms. Margie, Ms. Nida, Ms. Bella and Ms. Anne. Everyone went home with a stomach full of good things and hopefully a mind more well-informed and more receptive to other cultures. Photo: Aodh Matthew Visitacion Patrimonio

Photo and Text by Daniel Infante Tuaño

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