Picture, picture!

5 May

Although we are not Japanese and we don’t have camera industries like they do, we Filipinos also love taking pictures. In any occasion and although there is nothing special about an occasion we still take photos. We want to capture practically every single moment of our lives. Birthdays, baptismals, weddings, even funerals, we take pictures. We go to a mall, we take pictures with the fountain on the background;  we meet up with friends whom we see almost every day, we take pictures; we see an expensive car, we want to have our pictures taken with  the expensive car. And with technological advances, more and more people are becoming photography enthusiasts. Mobile phones are now equipped with high-pixel cameras that sometimes we can no longer distinguish a mobile phone from a camera. Social networking sites, with the help of limitless gigazillion memory and fancy photo editing software, have somehow encouraged us to produce more and better pictures to brag about within our social circle.

In Barcelona, practically every Filipino has a camera and more and more are becoming interested in photography especially among the youth. This passion for taking pictures together with the desire to share knowledge, techniques and experience in taking photos and to meet new friends have unified a group of young Filipino photographers/photo enthusiasts to form one of the most promising associations in Barcelona, the Barcelona Exposure Club (BEC).  BEC participated in various activities of the Filipino community in Barcelona such as Little Miss Catalunya; they even organized a photo competition last December and are planning to document the lives of Filipino migrants in Barcelona through photos. They are also organizing photo walks in which they share their knowledge and tips on photography and of course get to meet new people and friends.

Ang Bagong Filipino is pleased and excited to work with BEC and will be publishing some of their photos on this blog and in the coming issues of ABF magazine. Daniel Infante Tuaño

The men and women behind the camera. Barcelona Exposure Club

2 Responses to “Picture, picture!”

  1. sarah May 22, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    hola po…what is your club all about??? cnxa na po sa tanong… curious lang po…:)

    • Daniel Infante Tuaño May 23, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your interest. We write articles on Filipino culture, lives of Filipino migrants and all topics which are in line with the objectives of the association. For more information, please click ABOUT, which is near the Ang Bagong Filipino banner.


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