Healthcare, construction expected to be overseas worker magnets

15 Apr

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration said healthcare and construction sectors are projected to be the primary sources of employment for overseas workers in the next five years. The agency’s trend outlook also identified the energy, tourism, information and communication, manufacturing, electronics and metals, transport, services, education, environment and shipping industries as prospective migrant magnet workers. The report, which was compiled with the help of various Philippine labor offices abroad, pointed to household service workers, nurses, production and related workers, caregivers, wiremen, electrical and related workers, welders, flame cutters and related workers, chars, cleaners and related workers, cooks and related workers, laborers, general workers and plumbers, pipefitters and related workers and seafarers as the skills in biggest demand. The POEA said the Middle East will continue to be the primary destination for Filipino workers thanks to the construction, energy, industry and petrochemical sectors, with Asia continuing to hire highly-skilled workers. Europe and Oceania are also eyed as players in the migration market. Asian Migration News

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