Pinoy way of responding to disasters

21 Feb

Mayon Volcano Eruption, December 2009.

It’s not just a simple fight or flight response.

Filipinos have their own way of responding and adapting to difficult situations. Some Pinoys are madiskarte or maparaan (ingenious or resourceful), strategically looking for the best way to solve a problem or to achieve one’s objectives.

If all means are exhausted and we just cannot find the right solution, some of us feel helpless letting destiny to take its course. Some just leave everything to Bathala (God) thus explaining Filipino’s fatalism and the etymology of the expression ‘Bahala na’.

Nonetheless, in times of calamity, walang iwanan (nobody gets left behind), it’s innate in most of us to help others. The bayanihan spirit is still very much alive, as we have witnessed our kababayans around the world got united and mobilized to help the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

This Filipino trait can also be seen in a project of Unified Bicolanos in Barcelona (UBB). The Mayon volcano eruption displaced more than 45,000 people and according to Mrs. Henedina Toledano, president of UBB, it struck a strong blow to the livelihood of our kababayans in Albay.  Our kababayans in Albay now more than ever need all the help they can get to start anew.

To show UBB’s solidarity with victims of the Mayon volcano eruption, they distributed donation tickets and will be holding a benefit concert entitled “Sarongbanggi: Concierto Musical” on March 13 at Centro Civico Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain. For tickets and more information, please contact Mr. Raul Perez at 649202262 or send an email to Photos by UBB and Text by Daniel Infante Tuaño

Used clothings donated by Asociación Filipina-Catalana (AFICAT)

Mrs. Toledano’s interview with Msgr. Ramon Troqueda, Vicar General of  Legazpi City, Philippines

2 Responses to “Pinoy way of responding to disasters”

  1. mvmadarieta February 22, 2010 at 6:49 pm #

    Indeed, UBB’s project is worth an article and more. Who would think that an organization that is less than a year old is already handling a project of this magnitude, for a cause; and it is not the first. Thanks to its active officers, headed by Dina Toledano and Raul Pérez, through this, we can show that when there´s a will there´s a way.

    • Daniel Infante Tuaño March 9, 2010 at 8:49 am #

      Good luck on your concert this Saturday! More power and more projects to come!

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